You can contact me with any questions via email, ICQ, or phone

My email address:

(SPAM PROTECTION: To protect this email address from spam generating spiders you need to replace 247 with @ in the above email address)

My ICQ number: 287- 947- 694

My home phone: +7 (842) 220-72-47

My mobile phone: +66 81 8655411


Secure Payment

The payment is done through PaytPal where all transactions are
protected by the highest level encryption

My payment details:

The instructions for students to make payment are as follows:
Go to
Under the "personal" tab, click on "send money"
Under the "To:" tab, enter my email address shown above.
Under the "from:" enter your email. Enter the amount, and choose US Dollars.
Under "Purchases" choose "services".
Provide the required information to complete the transaction. Be sure
to click on the "continue" button on the bottom of all the pages,
including the page that looks like a receipt (but is not).

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